Gwyneth-Llewelyn-January-2015-624x624I joined Second Life in July 31 2004 and I’m (mostly) a blogger, philosopher, activist, and entrepreneur in the Second Life® world.

My physical self was born in Lisbon, Portugal, in the same year the Internet was created, Unix was developed, and the first human being stepped on the Moon.

Unlike other famous and illustrious residents, I have a rather a bleak curriculum in Second Life. I can’t build anything at all; and I’m definitely not famous for my scripting. I tell everybody that my own major scripting projects were outclassed by everyone else in Second Life. Two months before SL Exchange (later rebranded as XstreetSL and currently known as the Second Life Marketplace) launched, I had a working prototype — but I never opened the shop. I had a working low-lag animation overrider well before anyone knew what that was (neither did I — it was a device sold for L$50 that “made your walks more sexy”) and I never managed to get rich (or famous) for that. I claim to have the most complex combination device for a pack of cigarettes that delivers cigarettes through XML-RPC calls instead of plain and simple llGiveInventory(), because of silly permission problems introduced in SL in 1.8. My dance bracelet is perhaps the only thing that works right (the bugs are too obscure for anyone to notice them).

My last attempt of building a house was in September 2004. I still keep a picture of it to remember never to do another attempt at building.

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