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Programming tips in the Linden Scripting Language (LSL)

Updating your social websites status from inside Second Life

If, like myself, you have no time and patience to keep updating all your dozens of social websites — from Twitter to Plurk to Facebook to FriendFeed, to your status on MySpace, Plaxo, Friendster, LinkedIn, or whatever becomes big next — you have certainly faced the following problem: you’re in […]

Innovation Week, Internationalisation, And More Utterly Useless Devices

Burning Life is around until October 5th. So many people have written about what it means for the Second Life® virtual world — the conception of a user-generated-content-virtual world comes allegedly from Philip’s totally fascinated experience with the real life “Burning Man” event — that I can only draw the […]

Simple Intra-Simulator Teleporting Tool

Also an exercise for my LSL scripting classes, this one is a simple llSetPos teleporting script. The final location is written as <X,Y,Z> on the object’s description. vector destination; key avatar; default { state_entry() { destination = (vector)llGetObjectDesc(); if (destination == ZERO_VECTOR) destination = llGetPos(); llWhisper(0, “Configured; destination is ” […]