Privacy Policy

I am committed to protecting your right to personal privacy. I take my responsibilities regarding the security of your information very seriously. This policy explains how I use your information and how I protect your privacy:

By submitting personal details to my blog, you are deemed as agreeing to use of these details as described in this Policy. Should you have any questions however, please feel free to direct these to me by E-mail.

Collection Of Information

Each time you post a comment on my blog, depending on the registration method you’ve used, my content management system (WordPress) will request your authentication data from one of many identity providers — you have the option of choosing any one of OpenID, Google, Facebook, Microsoft Live ID, AOL, among others — in order to establish your identity when posting. Usually, only your email address and nickname will be stored (this information might differ among identity providers) and optionally your own web address. At the same time, the IP address from your web browser will also be logged to the Apache log files and recorded with your comment.

You may also subscribe to my blog’s RSS feed via email using FeedBurner. Your email address, in that case, will not be stored by my blog, but only with FeedBurner, which has their own privacy policy.

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