Aye, it was another website update…

Times change, it’s a new year, I have a huge article to finish here, and I’ve also released some new (intriguing) snippets of programming for Second Life™<=> External Server integration, which I hope to write a bit about as well. But in the mean time, I’ve refreshed the look of the […]

Ancient clothes templates

Because these are not always easy to find online, here is a zip file for these ancient templates, done by people like Damien Fate and Chip Midnight, eons ago: all_fashion_design_templates-folder (click to download all of them and many more)

Robots and AIs replacing humans?

Once in a while, I like to pop over to the Singularity freaks at Singularity HUB; they are the sort of crazy that I often enjoy — trying to figure out where we’re going, based on the trends of current technology advancement. They will get most things wrong, of course, but […]

Server moving woes, but for a good cause

So I’m slowly  — very slowly! — trying to catch up with things. Bear with me for a while longer. I cannot promise to go back to the routine of ‘several blog posts per day’ (like I did in, uh, was it 2005?…) not even ‘once a week’. It takes time […]

The battle for the future virtual world environment is on!

I’ve tried to write a comment on the latest article on High Fidelity posted on Technology Review. But I’m long-winded and their system didn’t accept my comment. So here it is: Rosedale’s latest attempt at designing a virtual world from scratch shows that he has learned a lot of lessons in […]

Registering users on a website

Dawsey Chatterbox, posting a comment on the page for my SL User Create WordPress plugin, asked for a simpler version of the code which would merely register an avatar name to a MySQL database. He has been patient, having been waiting for almost a year 🙂 Here goes the code […]

Revisiting the Beginners’ Guide to Second Life®

A decade ago, information about Second Life® was scarce. Newbies would drop into a Brave New World and get completely confused. There were in-world volunteers — and the Linden Liaisons — to help you out, but often it was hard to assemble a lot of information to get you going. […]

Revisiting the Colourising Script

In late 2004, I’ve joined a few groups that did a lot of discussion events. Often people could not attend them, so transcripts were kept and posted on the Linden Lab forums. Reading a transcript ‘after-the-fact’ is not the same thing as participating in a discussion in real time. For […]

NeXT Life

Unless you have been hiding in a warp hole somewhere (like I am!) you might have missed the latest announcement from Linden Lab: Second Life: The Next Generation, or SL2, or — as I prefer to call it — NeXT Life, is currently being developed, and the first beta will probably appear […]

Yes, yes, it was a prank!

You should have looked at the date first before complaining that the links didn’t work! 🙂 Obviously it was another of my (in)famous April Fool’s pranks, which I try to do (almost) every year. Some years are better than others, because the best pranks are those that are 90% based […]