The Post-Human Perspective of `Self´ by Extropia DaSilva (Part I)

Again, I’m glad to present Extropia’s latest essay on Self, which raises some very interesting, and in some cases, disturbing questions. No matter how much we’re into the advances of cognitive research, artificial intelligence, and the advancement of the human species through bionic replacements, nearly everyone will be touched by Extropia’s excellent essay and find at least something to think about — even if you do not agree with her!

– Gwyn

An essay by Extropia DaSilva and her Primary.


Technology trends suggest our definitons of ‘self’ and ‘person’ will need to be re-examined in the future. Is this future best anticipated by thinking of our avatars in the first person perspective (‘I’ am in SL) or the third person (‘she’/’he’ is in SL)?

Imagine the following scene.

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