The “SL Killer”

Meanwhile, people addicted to technology will still be playing WoW or any other MMORPG. Second Life will not even attempt to make a dent in their market; effectively, as SL becomes more and more mainstream, the MMORPG market will become less and less important to LL. There are estimates that the world-wide MMORPG market is perhaps some 15 or so million users. Even if they were 30 million, that would not be enough. To be able to be around in 2010, Second Life needs 150 million users — and these will come from the social sites like MySpace, who are well pleased with “low-tech” which runs quickly enough on their computers. But… by 2010, LL will certainly have had time to deploy a much smoother experience in SL 🙂 Nobody will be using 2002/3 “vintage” computers in 2010 any more, and LL can go as aggressive as they want on the rendering engine…

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