Will The Voice Issue Be Ever Solved?

I understand this argument but it does not seem such a big deal to me. It seems a reasonable assumption that role players prefer to hang with other role players in SL anyway. […]

If you’re still interested in this debate, I encourage you to join the comments section on this article. Giulio welcomes the commentary and is not only very open-minded about the subject, but understands most of the arguments brought by immersionists. Well, perhaps with an exception: immersionism is not about role-playing, but sort of a fusion of “self as an art form” mixed with the notion that on a social environment where real life credentials can be absent, trust, reputation, and honesty emerge from your behaviour, not from the credentials you’re able to present (your real voice is just one of those). Similarly, augmentationism cannot be reduced to “just having another nice tool to play with”, but enforcing the notion that the mainstream society will rely on presentation of real life credentials to establish trust — those refusing to present them are still welcome to enjoy Second Life, but they’re cut off the mainstream and isolated in their ghettos.

If you think that the whole question is moot anyway — Linden Lab will not remove voice from SL (but add more and more features to it over time), and we do have voice already, so it’s pointless to discuss “what if?” scenarios anyway — skip ahead to the next article 🙂

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