Spammers are disseminating a new illegal SL client under my name [UPDATED AGAIN]

Hi! If this is the first time you’re visiting my blog, you’re probably looking me up because you received a spam notecard announcing a new SL client, “Neil Life”, which allegedly has a lot of illegal features — among these:

reenabled control alt shit t like cool viewer to get texture uuids plus mine also grabs sculpt ids. But Please respect permissions.

Modified the copybot patch but still please respect permissions.

You should be thrice warned. First, the spammers are using notecards (apparently translated in several languages; I got one in Portuguese) that bear my name as owner. They very likely got one notecard from me with full perms (there are so many around…), changed all the text, and send them to others from objects called “Gwyneth Llewelyn”. That’s as far as I’ve been able to track down; from there on, stopping the “chain letter” effect of people circulating those notecards is very hard. So far, I haven’t been able to find someone proficient enough with Second Life that managed to figure out the location of the spamming object, so that it can be reported to Linden Lab, deleted, and the owner of it permabanned for violating the Linden Lab Terms of Service for Second Life (impersonating another user; spamming/chain letter; distributing a tool that violates the Terms of Services regarding illegally modifying other users’ content without their permission).

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