Open letter to the BBC

bbc logoYou might have read by now BBC’s shockingly poor article on Second Life (yes, it’s another one of those “SL is dead” articles). It might shock you even more to know that M Linden had given them an interview which was mostly neglected and ignored; Linden Lab graciously published the whole interview since M Linden’s own comment might never make the BBC site.

My own comment might also never make it, either, so I’ll publish it here:

When I got the link to this article, I thought, “oh, boring, another end-of-Second Life-article from late 2007”, which was reinforced by the outdated pictures, showing things from 2005-7 or so (you can see the “age” of the pictures due to a lack of features present in the current generation of the 3D renderer).

Then I saw that the date is actually from November 2009! And it includes a partial, out-of-context transcript of an interview with LL’s CEO! I was utterly shocked — is this truly BBC or a phished site??

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