Not yet a party but soon?

Registration is easier than creating a new account on Second Life. There is just one screen, to create an anonymous login, or to use a Facebook login. I don’t have a Facebook account (Facebook kicked me out long ago) but for doing experiments I’m fine in registering with Facebook once more until they delete me again 🙂 One assumes that CP might allow different registration methods when it officially launches…

The tutorials, as Inara Pey reports so well, are actually well done. The interface is minimalistic and easy to understand. If I could actually get a decent amount of frames per second, I might even be more impressed with it. It’s easier to use than Kaneva, IMVU, Moove, Blue Mars, or anything else I’ve tested in the past years. It’s crammed full with SLers. Well, not really — there is a 25-avatar-limit — but you know what I mean: when a new VW pops up, for months you will have nobody else around but your familiar faces. Or, rather, unfamiliar faces — since there is practically no avatar personalisation, unless you know people from their Facebook accounts, it will be impossible to know who’s who. But I know a few. They’re all eager SL residents, trying to escape the clutches of LL’s tier monopoly 🙂

Now others have extensively reported on Cloud Party’s functionality, features, looks, and so forth. You can get a list of more to read on; it’s a Swedish blog, but the links are mostly to articles in English. Of particular interest is the one describing the technical aspects of Cloud Party written by the peerless Nalates Urriah. These will be important for all the “comparisons” in the next few weeks.

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