Dreaming of Clouds

Like millions, I have tested Amazon’s technology as well — I couldn’t afford not to. But once I started the “testing” I soon realised that I couldn’t afford to test it, either!! Simple mistakes cost money — a lot of money! — and it’s easy to go bankrupt just because you failed to put a semicolon somewhere. So, after my first serious scare, years ago, I gave up on Amazon. I might be simply too biased against pay-as-you-use services because, in the mid-1990s, I was part of a project to implement flat-fee access to the Internet, and spent all my energy in encouraging flat-fee usage 🙂

Well, DreamHost is not your typical over-the-weekend startup, here today, gone next. They have been around since 1997. They’re cool California kids with an irreverent approach to business. They had to be very creative and leverage on open source technology to beat the giants in Web hosting service, a highly competitive market. And, oh, they host over a million websites, too. So, no, they’re not going to disappear overnight, either.

When everybody started offering cloud-based services a couple of years ago, DreamHost scratched their heads and thought how they would enter the market as well. Clearly they wouldn’t be able to invest the kind of money that Amazon has — and others like Microsoft, Rackspace and similar big-name industry giants who are offering cloud-based services as well. Also, it was quite clear that existing Amazon customers would never leave Amazon for merely cheaper prices: cloud-based application developers invested a lot in learning how to use the Amazon S3 API, and are unlikely to give it up.

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