What Future for Virtual Reality?

It’s true that I have been… well, let’s call it ‘away-ish’ from Second Life for quite some time. Unfortunately, the reasons for my ‘disappearance’ are health-related. It’s too complicated to explain, but at least I can say that I’m physically well. I can’t speak for the state of my asdasdasasdasdasmind, though 😉

Ouch. It seems that I have completely skipped 2015 on my blog. Yuch. Oh well. In any case, I’ve been sort of keeping up with things. I’ve heard about the launch of Project Sansar (what’s with those Sanskrit/Hindi words anyway? ‘Sansar’ means pretty much ‘universe’) and tried to sign-in as a beta tester, but I guess nobody at the Lab is interested in having me around any more 🙂 And, of course, I have been following the development of Rosedale’s HiFi, as well as the official launch of the Oculus Rift.

A recent article about Zuckerberg explored what was the past of Facebook, how it grew, and what would be its future. That Oculus Rift and a future virtual world by Zuckerberg was featured in that glorious future is no surprise. The author tried to elaborate on how Zuckerberg would be able to make money out of the virtual world, the same way people make money by just reading instructions on a great site; his opinion was that it would mostly feature ads to pay for the costs of development and running it. It did not go deeper than that — because, well, Zuckerberg’s dream team working on that VW is not telling us much about it (waves at ex-Babbage Linden 😉 )

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