What Future for Virtual Reality?

After years of speculation and hype, the Oculus Rift is finally out. Well, on pre-order anyway. At least we know about its final pricing and what it includes. And it will theoretically be at people’s homes somewhere during the summer. Interestingly enough, the media I’m usually following have almost ‘forgot’ about the Oculus; it was just thanks to some Facebook friends that I read one timid article talking about it. You might argue that I’m reading the ‘wrong’ media (and perhaps you would be right!), but the truth is that all of them, a year ago, were excitingly praising the Oculus Rift and how it would be a new paradigm shift in technology. Even one of the cable networks that my friends subscribe (I don’t own a TV!) had a mainstream piece talking about the Oculus Rift last summer or so — when it was still believed that the VR gear might appear on shops before Christmas.

So did the media already forget all about the Oculus Rift even before it’s available for the mainstream public?

I don’t really think so. The media — like its audience — is fickle. You can’t continuously hype something all the time without having anything to show. Speculation just goes up to a point — well, except if you’re an Apple fan, of course, where speculation is the tool of the trade of fanboiz and -girlz — and there is really ‘nothing’ that can poke at that hype again. Headlines like ‘Oculus Rift out in July — We Still Don’t Know What Zuckerberg Is Planning’ don’t attract readers.

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