20 Horrible Habits of Clients

I found this very interesting blog entry, thanks to my friends: http://youthedesigner.com/2007/11/30/20-horrible-habits-of-clients/ It’s done by a web designer, but it applies exactly to Second Life as well. Customers are customers everywhere!

Heel sounds on your shoes

In my never-ending quest of looking for fashionable improvements (believe me, it can entertain me for ages 🙂 ) I found out a cute thing about some fancy shoes: they have nice, realistic-sounding, heel-clicking sounds. Sure, I know it’s a “novelty” item — it scares people off the first time […]

Sitting down with flexiskirts [UPDATED]

Every girl who tried a flexiskirt once (how can you resist not buying them…?) knows about the problem: they look fantastic when standing up, but completely nasty when sitting down. The image here shows what happens. Flexiskirts, unlike mesh-based skirts (also known as ugly Linden skirts) simply don’t follow your […]

The Most Re-Sold Media Story About Second Life®

Just the other day, when I was at a RL event featuring Second Life marginally, a bright young journalist came over to me and my business partner Eggy Lippmann. He had been around in SL for a few weeks and had chatted with people, and was looking for the “latest […]

… and now we get WindLight!

Linden Lab is definitely spoiling us. One day after the release of a new Release Candidate with the awesome in-world Search, Linden Lab released a new WindLight client! We all knew that they had it “almost finished” for previewing and gathering data, but I guess it was a surprise to […]

Linden Lab’s Cool New Search Engine!

So you haven’t downloaded the new in-world release candidate? You really should, it’s awesome! Linden Lab is converting all their object/asset data into HTML pages, feed them to a Google Search Appliance, and let us do complex queries on it. If you’re afraid of downloading “unstable” versions, you can still […]

Why are we special?

The recent announcement that one of the most popular e-zines for Second Life, Second Life Insider — a year-old collaborative blog with SL’s best authors — was “transformed” into Massively deserved several comments from popular bloggers of the SLogosphere (I’m eagerly awaiting the opinion of Hamlet Au on New World […]

Ten Millions of Us

This might go mostly unnoticed, but on Wednesday, October 10, 2007, Second Life officially has ten million registered accounts. Statistics are mostly irrelevant at this stage (what exactly is a “registered account”?) but it shows the growth — about this time, last year, Second Life was a tenth of the size… Obviously […]

Hell freezes over!

No, this is not about Europeans having now to pay Value Added Tax to Linden Lab — I’ve covered it on SLOG already — but something far more unexpected: Havok4 Is Here On The Beta Grid! In a completely unexpected turn of events, it seems that a “secret team of Linden developers” […]

Commemorating three years of democratic self-government in Second Life

It seems like yesterday, when a group of about 60 people or so opened up their self-governed, democratic community in the old mainland snow sim of Anzere. Three years later, in spite of constant predictions to the contrary, Neufreistadt (Confederation of the Democratic Simulators) and their sister group on the […]