Building the Metaverse – Connecting it to the Real World

After reading several white papers on online economy, browsing around the forums, and having discussions with people inworld, as well as checking up on what Philip Rosedale (CEO of Linden Lab?) says about it, I finally did it: I started to pull in the real world economy into Second Life®. 🙂

So far, what we have seen is, residents are pushing the virtual frontier beyond the game. The best example is GOM, of course, but every time a blog goes up talking about SL, we are actually crossing into RL, and tell people “out there” how important this “game” is to us. GOM is perhaps the “bridge” we needed – a connection between economies. And economy is what SL is all about.

Statistics are harsh. We are just 15,000, and only 0.5% are really interested in what goes on beyond our cozy place in the virtual frontier (wow, I’m really getting into buzzwords again!). The rest is just having too much fun right now to give it a second thought. What they want is entertainment, and that’s what SL provides for them (yes, scripting and doing “hard work” in SL is entertainment, too!!).

I’m already 10 years in the future, and this is why I think I sound so strange to most of my fellow residents. You see, I was a skeptic when Tim Berners-Lee “invented” the World-Wide Web. We would gather around our USENET newsgroups (the “forums” at that time) and discuss if we really needed a new protocol, there were already so many around. And we made fun about the tag. That’s what people in late 1992 were discussing.

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