Thoughts on a new “reputation system”

This is taken directly from my post in the forums.

After a discussion on the rating system with Moon Adamant, we have figured out an interesting “alternative” rating system. It has a slight problem of “computational resources” required.

We both feel there is a need to “extra-rate” someone very special to you. Since ratings are over-abused, how can we mark in some way that “special friend” we love in SL?

Some forums/online dating systems have a “fan system” beyond simple “rating”. These ideas are loosely based on that.

First, “friends” are public. You expect people to know who you make friends with. So they will be listed in your profile somewhere. Like in RL, choosing the “wrong” friends means getting a “bad” reputation. Making friends with the “popular” people mean you are seen at with awe! To make things interesting, there should be an upper-scale limit – let’s assume 25. This makes profile still manageable and captures the spirit correctly.

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