Survival of the Fittest: Will Second Life Be A Success?

A few examples. All major online games boast about the number of players the have online – the more, the bigger the income, and the more solid the company running the game. But Philip boasts about “a solid economy“. Well, many online games don’t have an economy at all, so how you can compare them?

Many also boast about the incredible amount of different avatars and clothing combinations that can be created. Second Life®, besides having 200+ options to fine-tune your avatar, simply allows you to upload the clothing you wish (or the “skin” you desire). Even if you boast a game with a zillion different avatar combinations… in SL, you have infinite combinations. That’s a number which makes the media shudder.

Online games are also very proud of telling their public how many “skills” are available, or how many different “technology trees”, or how many objects are for sale. Second Life does not have any “skills” at all. As for objects, you can build whatever you want – so the question is irrelevant again.

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