Survival of the Fittest: Will Second Life Be A Success?

While browsing for more information about Second Life®, I came across a plethora of web sites and blogs on MMOGs and MMORPGs, trying to understand what direction the online gaming industry is taking these days.

On the other hand, I have also been in touch with several residents inworld and ask them about their own ideas on the subject – namely, why they prefer playing SL instead of other games they tried. Most residents are quite indifferent about the “why” they like the game. I remember meeting with Chris Altman, another resident sharing Philip’s vision, and he sadly reported that I was the only person he met so far thinking along the same way 🙂 Fortunately, there are more – many more!

So, the question I asked myself was, what makes a MMOG/MMORPG successfull?

The media are quite clear on one point. “Winners” are certainly the games with more users for the longuest period of time. With this in mind, they seem to regard most MMORPGs as failures. And phenomena like City of Heroes – with 180,000 users in a few weeks since having been launched – are highly praised by the media, since they can’t really understand how these numbers “exploded” so suddenly. And we’re talking about a very simple game here – pick an avatar, choose your superpowers, choose one of the 10 available cities, go there to have fun blasting other people’s avatars out of the sky. Pure fun! Immediate success!

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