Roots of Self-Organization Are Grafting in SL

It was bound to happen.

As we slowly plod along towards 32,000 residents, things are changing in the social dynamics of Second Life®.

I’m still a pretty new resident, compared to several thousands. The Old Ones knew a world which was a tiny, intimate, almost private club. There was a point in time where you could meet the whole of the population, and talk with all of them – all where eager, bright-eyed idealists, working towards a common goal, and side-by-side with the Lindens.

As the population grows, it’s natural that it reflects different tendencies, ideologies, and even cultures. The first thing that anyone experiences in Second Life is the sensation of absolute freedom – you can be anything, become anything, and do anything, and nobody is there to stop you. This is the stuff the Internet is made of – let’s enjoy it to the fullest!

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