The Church Meetings at the Neufreistadt Kirche

Many of you are now tired of listening to me talking about the old Neualtenburg Projekt (yes, with a K, to use the German spelling), currently known as the City of Neufreistadt, and about several of its aspects. While it is not a “city” — a good description, due to its size and population, is a “hamlet” — it incorporates several things that people associate with a “city”. The urban planning and a City Council are, of course, two of the best-known aspects of Neufreistadt. Recently, the finantial aspect of it has been discussed, regarding bonds and other finantial products that a City could offer to potential investors. I expect that, as time goes by, and Neufreistadt explores successfully these and other issues, it will “resemble” a RL city more and more, in all that it has to offer.

One of the things that intrigued me since the beginning was Ulrika’s original proposal including a “church” and expecting “non-denominational” religious/spiritual meetings to be held there. After a few false starts (we got some volunteers for running the events but that never showed up when the city had finished), it was my time to try to do something 🙂

Neufreistadt Kirche

Right now, you have in SL a few “preacher” and “tele-evangelist” types holding pseudo-Christian events, here and there, and, of course, lots of small communities meeting in-world, like Paganists, Wiccans, and to a much lesser extent, Taoists and other Oriental spritual philosophies. In a sense, SL has openly embraced all the multitude of religious groups, and it’s true that usually religious groups attract regular attendance, or so it has been reported. Thus, my first step was to devise a model of “meetings” that would appeal to all, making sure that no one was left behind, and try to emphasize the common cultural heritage, instead of concentrating on this or that aspect of a particular religion. The purpose was not to do “comparative religion”, but to set up a place where different belief systems could find a “common ground” of discussion.

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