Second Life 1.7 New Features

SecondLife 1.7.0 release scheduled for Monday, October 24th, 2005
In our continuing efforts to improve the Second Life experience, we will update the Second Life grid on Monday October 24, 2005 from 6:00 AM PT to 2:00 PM PT. During that time Second Life will be unavailable.

The release notes for the new version are as follows:

Second Life 1.7.0

Major Features

– Simulator Performance Improvements
* Simulators can now handle many more users without running slowly
* The simulator now attempts to run at a fixed frame rate (45 frames per second) which is the same as the physics frame rate. This means that if there are a large number of scripts on the simulator, the frame rate will stay the same, but all of the scripts will run less frequently/slower, improving overall performance.
* Major redesign of the way objects are transmitted from the simulator to the viewer.

– Added Multi-Select in Inventory
* Most inventory operations (move, delete, drop in world) can now be done on multiple inventory items at a time.
* Ctrl-Click & Shift-Click are both supported.

– Added eight HUD attachment points
* Attachments appear in the Users Heads-Up-Display (HUD) and not in the world.
* These attachments can only be seen by the person wearing them, not by other residents.

– Full Bright Objects
* Full-bright objects/faces/textures do not give off light in local lighting mode but appear lit.

– Improved World Map
* More details for each square tile. World map shows satellite view of objects in color.
* Less server load to generate the map.
* Auto-complete when typing in estate name, landmarks and friends online.
* Removed the drop-down list from the Map Region Box, because it has too many regions in it for a menu.

– Residents can no longer be negatively rated. Old negative ratings have been removed.

– The land sale tool has been reorganized.
* Land can no longer be sold for L$ 0 to anyone. You must set it for sale for a specific person.

– New “Open” window to interact with object contents and unpack boxes
* More intuitive way of opening boxes.
* Only available when object is rezzed in-world (replaces ‘Rate’ on pie menu when right-clicking an object).
* Replaces using “Edit” window to view object contents and unpack boxes.

– Added a “Publish on to web” checkbox to the Resident Profile UI and Postcard Dialogue UI
* Controls whether information can be seen on the Second Life web site. (Profiles are always visible inside Second Life.)
* Future updates to will enable items selected for publishing to appear there.

– Residents can create classified ads in the “Profile” window.
* Ability to advertise for a fee; includes image, location & information.

Minor Features

– Added a clear cache button to the Preferences->Network tab
* Click the button and then restart the client to clear the cache

– Added “Build” button to the Toolbar

– View->Leaders has been removed.
* See the SecondLife website for Leader information.

– Enable Windows XP Limited User Accounts the ability to run Second Life
* Admin and Power Users are still required to install Second Life.

– We now ask on a client crash if its ok to send in your crash report, rather than on install

– Improved region crossing when wearing attachments, both in mouselook and normal view modes

– The behavior for music player has changed.
* If you click play, music will begin playing and will autoplay when you enter a parcel with music. If you click stop, music will stop and will not autoplay.

– On receiving an item, the dialogue box now distinguishes between objects and avatars

– Added ability to rotate and position subsets of linked objects

Script Changes

– Added llSetPayPrice
* Users can now set the default pay price and the quick pay button values via the script llSetPayPrice function.

– Improved llRequestSimulatorData
* Added DATA_SIM_RATING to query the rating (PG or MATURE or UNKNOWN) of a simulator.

– Added llGetInventoryType
* Gives users the ability to get the type of an inventory item.

– Added Full Bright option to llSetPrimitiveParams
* Usage:
llSetPrimitiveParams([PRIM_FULLBRIGHT, {side}, {enabled});
* Enable full bright for an entire object:
* Disable full bright for face 2 of an object:
llSetPrimitiveParams([PRIM_FULLBRIGHT, 2, FALSE]);

– Added llSetPos, llSetRot, llTargetOmega, llSetPrimParams support for attachments
* Attachments can now be scripted to rotate and move.

– Added llEscapeURL and llUnescapeURL
* These functions can be used to handle URLs. Spaces can be escaped to “%20” for example.
* Usage:
llEscapeURL(string url);
llUnescapeURL(string url);

– llSetPos() can now move objects up to 768 meters high (instead of just 512)

Bugs Fixed

* Objects no longer move when scaling w/ grid snap
* Edit camera no longer jumps when zoomed in on prims
* Leave group confirmation window is now modal
* Uploading image files without an extension no longer causes a crash
* Stop button in ‘New Gesture’ window is fixed
* Objects are no longer sometimes auto-returned to trash
* Move inventory window is now modal (prevents crash)
* Selection silhouette now outlines all prims
* Parcels now correctly count their objects after a subdivide and subsequent join
* UI is disabled in High-resolution snapshots
* Mac OS X: FileVault-encrypted accounts play UI and user sounds
* You can always reduce group land contribution to 0
* Movies no longer appear on texture if url or auto-scale option changes
* Group signup fee is no longer ignored if the group is open enrollment
* Touch events no longer make objects draggable by owner
* Gesture wait time constrained to 0-3600 seconds
* Installer no longer pauses without message for 3-4 seconds
* Bandwidth is set on first login based on download rate
* Title of buy panel and blue messagebox for seller & buyer now all contain object name
* Avatar skin and clothing permissions work around
* Edit window tab pane bounding box no longer extends off the window
* Force parcel ownership can no longer cause incorrect object returns
* Residents can no longer delete their Trash folder
* Deleting a script in an objects no longer set the object to non-phantom
* Name bubbles now correctly fade at a distance
* Locked objects can be unlocked
* Typing sound and animation are no longer played when chat bar gains focus
* High-resolution snapshots now set a ‘wait’ cursor
* Mute audio setting is remembered after minimizing and restoring the viewer
* Money transfers now fail if not acknowledged by both the viewer and the simulator
* Calling cards are no longer listed as (no modify) (no transfer)
* Base64 encoder/decoder understands Unicode
* llSetText, llSetSitText and llSetTouchText can now display unicode
* Telehub Coverage colors are no longer different on Mac and Windows
* Wear Clothing Now feature now working in Buy Contents box
* Scaling root object of shared drawable no longer scales child objects
* Create menu now has same options as right-clicking folders
* Individually uploaded media maintain their proper capitalization
* Feedback returned when someone accepts your calling card
* Multi-colored items no longer are turned one of the colors if selection of new color is cancelled
* Cursor no longer incorrectly indicates you can touch objects behind a transparent object
* Tube sides are now the same on Mac and PC
* NVidia 5×00 cards now show the difference in shiny levels
* Can no longer accidentally move objects while in mouselook
* Improved ability to teleport after quickly crossing several region boundaries
* TargetOmega rotation no longer stops on selection.
* Textures in Library show for new users in texture picker
* Moving no-copy objects to inventory and ignoring pop up no longer causes a crash
* Mouselook view no longer blocked by head attachments at sim borders crossing
* Particles behind your camera do not slow FPS more than those ahead
* Messages sent to vendors about purchased “objects” now give name of item
* Pie Menu disappears when detaching clothing

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