First Ever Questions

This started as a “joke” between Mentors (volunteers in Second Life that are willing to spend some time with new users and answer their questions…), but soon it became a FAQ of its own. Yes, most of these are indeed “first ever questions” that almost everybody starts to ask as soon as they rez on Help Island 🙂

Note: the weird icons below are actually links to locations inside Second Life, I just copied & pasted this text from a notecard I usually give to new users in-world. I might get these links to work from here as well… one of these days… perhaps 🙂

Welcome to Second Life! While most certainly you’ll have lots and lots of questions, it’s usual for you to have, to a degree, a wish to get some answers on the following ones, which are, by far, the more common ones:

1) How do I make money?

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