New World Notes is one of the 100,000 more traffic-intense sites on the Web!

I’ve been a great fan of Alexa over a decade ago when this traffic-ranking site appeared, under different forms, and with a different purpose. Now, among the 2 or 3 billion sites in the world, it shows the pretty traffic these sites have.

New World Notes recently made it to the “top 100,000”, meaning they now get a traffic graphic updated every day. Way to go, Hamlet 🙂 With all the polemics about numbers and statistics recently, it’s nice to see that even if we’re only a handful of silly avatars, Second Life is still generating a lot of interest in the world blogosphere and overall media — or people wouldn’t be reading all those sites!

Incidentally, the Official Second Life Blog is one of the 1,500 more traffic-intense sites all the Web… which is next to fantastic!

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