Hotspots: Second Life’s New Controversies

Sadly, as most of you have noticed, there has been not enough time for me to keep the blog updated… and just when everything in Second Life® is about to change:

Linden Lab is now profitable

In an unexpected side remark, Jeska dropped the hint that Linden Lab is now a profitable company, and has been as much for quite some time. No, they’re not making billions; but finally they’re able to rely on their income to plod through the next stages, without relying upon external sources of investment.

Will this make them more attractive for a potential buyer? Hardly likely. The business model will not allow anyone to “make money fast”; now they have an even better incentive not to consider the buy-out option; and open sourcing the technology makes Linden Lab uninteresting to potential buyers (would, say, Microsoft buy a company with an open source product? Never!).

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