Communities and What To Do With Them

Then we have a plethora of media, of newspapers, journals, magazines, radio and TV stations, as well as e-zines and blogs. Some are purely SL-based; others are RL ones. They interview whom they know — and by hitting the “wrong” person, they depict a completely different view of the whole universe. Take just an example of having a famous blogger, never having SL before, dropped into one of the Gorean sims. Now, from the point of view of an outsider, “all Gorean sims are the same”. This couldn’t be more distant from the truth. An avid explorer — which would just travel across the many Gorean communities, and never see the mainland or anything else — would depict a very accurate description of the complex inter-relationships between the several dozens of thousands who log in every day to one Gorean community. Our hypothetical blogger would then start to write about their society. About the jealousy and the envy between groups; about the talent and creative ability of several Goreans. About how some of them are using voice, or discarding English and creating their own, non-English Gorean community. About the ones that are pure role-players; the others that are addicted to the lifestyle… and so on. And the writings would talk about the books on Gor, and codes of justice, of punishment and freedom, and they would become quickly very complex.

At one point, one comment poster would write on this blog: “This is all very nice, but SL is not about Gor only; have you ever visited a furry community?” The answer might surprise us. This blogger would very likely say: “I don’t care what goes around there, it’s a marginal community and I have no interest in it, when there is so much else in the Gorean communities to explore, discuss, and write about”.

The rest of the millions of users of SL would very likely be shocked with that attitude. How could this guy be so narrow-minded? How could he possibly make bold statements about culture, arts, commerce, even politics among SL users, and just focus on a single community? (Although, as said, there are several communities, not just one…) We’d slowly shake our collective heads, sigh loudly and say “what a waste of words…” and move elsewhere in the vast grid of 12,000 sims, and forget about this guy.

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