Cartoons in cartoonish Second Life [UPDATE]

Well, there you go. Yes, Second Life® is still a bit cartoonish and not yet absolutely photo-realistic. Although, of course, with a little effort, good photos, some Photoshopping, and a shadows-enabled client, you can get pretty good results, as we all know.

However, what about having cartoons in Second Life? The World Press Cartoon 2009 event — showing off 848 cartoons from 428 authors from 72 different nationalities, published in 399 newspapers and magazines from 69 countries — was held in Sintra, Portugal, and the winners were announced simultaneously in real life and Second Life. In SL, we were lucky, we got a live concert from TB Andel too 🙂

The cool thing is that you can still visit the whole exhibition and have fun looking at the cartoons. They will be featured on the “Alma” island, which is run by the Comunidade Cultural Virtual, a not-for-profit Portuguese cultural organisation which is promoting a lot of these kinds of events in SL…

[UPDATE: Now watch Halden Beaumont‘s fantastic promotional machinima of the event!]



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