“I’m bored”

BoredThis is what we sometimes hear from fellow residents in Second Life. It’s not exactly from new users, either — Second Life Insider’s Tateru Nino has been running a series of interviews on new users that have, indeed, found SL fascinating.

No, the comment is actually made by a very specific profile of user. They can stay in SL for as little as 15 minutes; sometimes a few days; often up to a month; some extreme cases don’t quit for years (although they log infrequently). Common to them all is the notion that, for them, the appeal of Second Life is very very low, way below their “attention threshold”.

So who are these people, and why are they bored — or, more precisely, is there a common reason for them to be “bored”? Since I’m personally part of that class of people where the word “bored” is meaningless (I never have time to be bored!), I tried to delve deep in those alien minds of thousands (or perhaps hundreds of thousands!) of people that log in to Second Life and find their time wasted while they’re in-world.

The Gamers

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