Blog upgrade under progress!

Yes! It’s time to do a makeover on my Ole Blogge, and see if I can make it easier to read, easier to navigate, while still keeping all the functionality, and adding a few new nifty features!

See you in a few hours… if this works at all 🙂

[UPDATE 9:22 AM SLT] New theme in place; now to the tricky bits: getting all the widgets back!
[UPDATE 11:47 AM SLT] Widgets are mostly back, specially the tricky ones; colouriser script also works.

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  • Well, I think that your ‘blog is fine as it is now. Like the video, though 😉

  • OMG the girl went pink! 😀

  • Aww and no comments on the two things that took me more time to do: the video of me digging (I had to build an object! and upload an animation for digging!…), and the insanely complex conversion of the winking Gwyn into an animated GIF. It seems that Photoshop CS3 now does that with just with one click; but under CS1 it takes about 2 hours to do it… *sighs*.

    Ah well. Now suddenly I found out that I have far less widgets than I thought! That’s the problem in starting with a hand-tweaked WordPress theme that had no widgets: I have to start everything from scratch… this time, however, using widgets, which should be easier to update to later WordPress versions…

    The major reason for the change was (besides widgets!) a way to have the central section fluidly and dynamically adapt to the browser’s width. That fixed width was slowly getting on my nerves!!

  • I’m now testing if OpenID still works! crosses fingers

  • WOW! looks much better. 😉
    need plugins?

  • A lot faster Gwyn. It’s not my colour but it suits you!

  • Thanks, Ana, but I have about 20, and they should be enough!… Although I wish that the comment preview plugin worked 🙁 I might need to get a new one…

    And yes, Laetizia, it seems to be faster somehow… although the statistics from Sitemeter are bogging it down. At least the ones from WordPress finally work!… although they seem to be counting unique visitors twice.

    Ah well. There is no perfect solution!

  • Hmm, after all, it seems that the comment preview plugin works after all…

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