Hair Fair 2008

hair fair_001Second Life’s Annual Hair Fair has launched a few days ago, and naturally enough, I couldn’t resist to drop by and have a look at it. After all, it’s just once per year that Six Kennedy and my good friends Washu Zebrastripe, Paisley Poindexter, Mikayla Kohl, among many others, put up this amazing (and rather unique!) fair up and running, showing off the best of the best of what has been done in the hair department lately.

Sponsored by Rezzable, Hair Fair 2008 proudly features four full sims, packed with the major movers and shakers of the SL industry. The architecture shows the hallmark of Washu’s “dream team” builders: rising from the hot sands of a desert, strange pyramids and ruins emerge from the ground, in a mix of Mayan, Aztecan, and fantasy architecture. Ruins of an ancient civilisation that now features as their most precious treasure… hair. It’s the El Dorado of hair!

hair fair_003

Most hair designers give half of the proceedings to a charity (Locks Of Love) which provide hairpieces to financially disadvantaged children in the United States and Canada under age 18 suffering from long-term medical hair loss from any diagnosis. Thanks to the incredible volume of sales on the first few days, I’m sure that a lot of children will smile happily at their new hair, although they might find it very strange if they’re told where the money actually came from!

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