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kunglers-logoI usually don’t write things about fashion… I leave that to the pros! This time, however, my focus is on a particular aspect of the very competitive market of fashion design in Second Life®: custom service.

We all know that the vast majority of fashion designers (and, indeed, most in-world-shop-based content creators) establish themselves as mostly an “automated shop”. The rationale behind it is that people are used to shop via the Web where you have no human beings to talk to. For the low cost of (most) content in Second Life, it’s not worth having “humans” attending the customers. Also, giving 24/7 support is probably not worthwhile in terms of costs.

And, last but not least, a few shop owners who relied in the past on shop attendants apparently had a bad experience — commissions on sales were not worth the trouble of staying in the same spot for hours on the end, paying a “salary” to people that log in for a few days but then quickly give up on SL (or on the business who employs them), or simply a lack of understanding of what they were selling at the shop (I’m just listing a few of the “horror stories” I’ve heard; I tried to establish a “business for newbies” where I gave 50% commission on sales, all they had to do is walk around and try to push my items to people they met — but I got just one sale done over several years…). Add to this the difficulties of actually knowing if your customers aren’t cheating on you — asking for replacements “because this item was never delivered to my alt”, asking for refunds (but with no-transfer items you can’t ever give the item back…), the CopyBot drama, and who knows what else… and you can see how terrible content business in SL can be. 

Last weekgwyn-in-avagardner-kungler-gwyneth-outfit, faithfully reading what my friend Ana Lutetia has to say about the latest trends in SL fashion, because I was looking for a bolero to attend an event, I decided to try a brand I hadn’t shopped with before — Kunglers. I’ll leave the details on how good or bad their designs are, or how fashionable and trendy they are, to the experts in the field; I usually take Ana’s recommendations seriously, she knows what she’s doing, so I was pretty sure this would be a good recommendation 🙂

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