Philip’s Vision, 1999-2009 and Beyond [UPDATED]


Formerly known as “El Presidente” (a title now held by M Linden) and currently known as “Exortium”, Philip “Linden” Rosedale was always the driving force behind Linden Lab’s vision — and, to a degree, Second Life’s®. But on a recent interview to the Portuguese news radio TSF, he confesses that his original vision was slightly different of what SL is today, and adds new insights that I had never heard from him before!

Interviews to Philip Linden usually follow the same pattern: answering the typical question “how did you create Second Life?” where he tells his story of how he always wanted to create virtual worlds but studied Physics instead, until the graphics card vendor nVidia launched the GeForce2 chip in 1999, which finally allowed desktop computers to have the right kind of graphical performance to encourage Philip to abandon his job at RealNetworks and start Linden Lab in San Francisco.

On this interview, however, Philip inspiringly added quite a few new ideas.

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