The Road Forks

Both control and aesthetics could, in fact, have been implemented on the mainland, if Linden Lab wished it so. Allegedly, a few mainland sims (Luskwood?) actually have access to Estate Tools. And of course in the past years Linden Lab has introduced a few “themed mainland communities” using reasonably good content as prefabs for the mainland residents who establish themselves there, and cannot change them without explicit permission by Linden Lab’s concierges.

Thanks to the Linden Department of Public Works, themed communities, sponsored by Linden Lab, like Bay City, have been running for over a year and a half now. And, of course, Zindra, the Adult Continent, is also a “themed” continent, even though there are less building restrictions there, but the main infrastructure was created by the LDPW to give the area, at least at the beginning, some consistent look.

However, this is all a small fraction of the mainland. Sure, large-scale rental projects like Ravenglass Rentals have been on the SL mainland for half a decade now, and the idea is to have a vast community living on the mainland and provide the required services — aesthetics and control (e.g. anti-griefing and anti-drama policies) — to mainland residents as well. There are many others.

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