Slight changes in my blog

Gwyn - World in TouchSome of you who follow me on one of the many social networking tools might probably have gotten a link to another blog of mine and found it rather strange that it didn’t point to the usual place, but to a rather different blog. It’s true! I’m now splitting my personality 🙂 Articles on Second Life business and technology will from now on go to my blog at Beta Technologies; the more philosophical ones, or more trivial ones, will remain here. And, of course, I’ll write a short excerpt here too.

Why the change? Well, the major reason is simple. A short informal survey has shown that the majority of my readers rarely, if ever, associate my name with my company, Beta Technologies, of which I’m a co-founder, since mid-2006. Most just think that Beta Technologies’ logo here on this blog is just some ad, or sponsor, or something like that. In reality, well, I happen to have the fancy title of “European Business Manager” at Beta Technologies (Portuguese branch) and most of my waking time is spent dealing with work for Beta Technologies. This gets pretty much lost on my blog, since I happen to write about pretty much what fancies me — often even praising Beta Technologies’ competition 🙂 — and this leads to some confusion: am I really doing some work for my clients, or am I just a pseudonymous avatar jumping around the grid and having fun?

Well, both are correct, of course 🙂 Thus the need to have two blogs…

I’ve also added a few more reasons on my first article on the other blog.

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