What fun :)

Today I decided I was allowed a free hour to remember my good old days in Second Life®, when all I had to worry about was… to chat with friends and look for exciting new things 🙂

While consulting my balance on XStreetSL, I came across daiz Papp’s ORACUL-Girl Xstar AO. I was not aware of daiz’s most excellent work, mixing mocap animations and hand-made ones, but I thought that at L$300, it was a bargain… then I found Iris Ophelia’s review on New World Notes, claiming that daiz Papp had created one of the five best releases of 2009, so I was quite impressed 🙂

This AO has immensely funny to watch! 🙂 For someone who is used to have very simple poses (because I have tons of custom-made animations for my personal touch!), it was hilarious to watch them all… or most of them… there are 64 or so 🙂 And the best thing for me was to find out that, unlike 95% of all animations out there, these are not Priority 4 animations (also known as “freezing animations”), but rather well-designed ones that will be flawlessly overriden on demand by my own collection of personal animations. I should write a blog post ranting about how clothes designers take pains to give all sorts of selections on clothes layers, so that you can mix and match outfits easily, while the stubborn animators only use frozen anims (and they have far more choices than clothes designers!). But… more on that on another day… it’s time to watch a short movie showing all sorts of silly (but quite well-designed!) animations, working well together (I particularly love the ground gymnastics followed by jumps and runs, or falling from the sky directly into the sea, and so on):

Aren’t the anims adorable? 🙂

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