Too busy for blogging :P

I’m not dead yet, I’m sadly just too busy to blog about things… but have lots of pending ideas to write about 🙂

So, what I’ve been busy with? Mostly about getting some things done for an international workshop on virtual archaeology (if you’re in Lisbon on Friday with little to do, feel free to drop by — attendance is free, most sessions will be in English, and there are really some great speakers from the Rome Reborn project as well as researchers from King’s Visualisation Lab). This required some extra, free work from some of our teams at Beta Technologies for our 5-year-old, almost-zero-funds project to recreate the city of Lisbon just before the earthquake of 1755 hit it, namely from our Creative Director, Moon Adamant. It’s not just about buildings: we wish to recreate typical baroque events that people will be able to attend as well. Fancy a night at the Opera House which had the largest stage in the world before the earthquake ruined it? You will be able to do so. What fashion did the Court wear for attending a King’s crowning ceremony in the 18th century? Don’t just read about it; log in, pick your clothing style, and participate. That’s the kind of thing we wish to do… one day. Assuming this project will ever get some funding!

Oh, and for now it’s being run on Beta Technologies’ OpenSim grid. There is sadly no funding to have it on Second Life®. You might be able to do a Hypergrid teleport to it from any other Hypergrid-enabled OpenSim grid (or even an OGP teleport from LL’s Preview Grid), but I haven’t tried that for a while…

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