Blog theme change — [COMPLETE]

My apologies for the past rough 48 hours. I have to admit that I was getting tired of the old 2008 theme! While I was browsing for a WP theme on Theme Forest, for a client that doesn’t want a theme that “looks like a blog”, I thought it was time to make a few changes on my own blog as well… but didn’t go with any of those super-cool premium, professional themes. They’re all fantastic if, well, you don’t want your blog to look like a blog. I wanted a compromise. And I also have a gazillion widgets and more plugins that I care to count (even though some didn’t work any longer), so none of the themes I found pleased me. Although some were way cool 🙂

This one is a compromise. It’s not much slower than the one I had, even with the cool jQuery “featured articles” thingy. Well, I find it cool. I’m sure some will disagree. If it gets too irritating, I can get rid of it easily enough. Also, I’m not sure if I prefer “excerpts” (automatically generated by WP these days) or the old, manual approach of telling WP where to split the article. I might still get to tweak that as well.

I also wanted a HTML5 theme, but, sadly, it looks like HTML5 is not yet catching on. If the heat wave around my country persists, which makes me feel wooly and unable to do any real work, I might yet change all the HTML tags to be fully compliant with HTML5. It should be a nice challenge. Right now this theme is fully HTML4-compliant — except for the Google and Disqus niceties, who break the W3C validator. Shame on you, guys 🙂

Enjoy the new theme… I hope. I still have some doubts about the ad placements, I get less control with this new automatic widget I’m using. My theory is that it should allow me to diversify advertisement, since a few people occasionally ask me for that. We’ll see. For now, my head is spinning with HTML, CSS, and PHP floating in front of my eyes and I’m too tired to make more changes 🙂

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