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The Irony of our Second Life's: my 2px on age play

And so it came to pass, that the Lindens saw that they couldn’t afford to support two grids at the same time, and lo and behold! The Teen Grid was no more, and teens were allowed to enter the Main Grid. And the Lindens saw that it was good.

Well, perhaps. Residents, however, have a slightly different opinion, as can be seen by the more than thousand comments on Terrence Linden’s announcement of the upcoming end of the Teen Grid. After years and years of reinforcing the idea that teens and adults would never mingle, Philip finally had to revert the ‘Lab’s standing policy on the clear separation between adults and teens. For now, after January 1st, 2011, only 16 and 17-year olds will be allowed on the Main Grid, but both Philip and Terrence have promised that they would work a solution to allow the 13 to 15-year olds a way to access the Main Grid as well at a later stage.

This is a surprising turn of events, since it has always been a strong policy to keep teens off the grid, no matter what. The main reason is, of course, purely financial: Linden Lab, continuing its policy of downsizing, is cutting costs wherever it can, and making sure the company remains lean and profitable. Keeping two grids, specially one that had few residents (comparatively speaking), didn’t make much sense.

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