Shooting LL’s own foot: why meshes will not be a huge immediate success

It's a sculpty!

So now you’ve bought your first meshed dress and/or avatar and are generally excited about the bright new future that meshes will bring. Well, after you persuade your friends to switch to a mesh-enabled viewer, of course; thankfully, even the non-LL viewers are all starting to include meshes (yes, even the ones based on SL 1 :), so I guess soon everybody will be seeing meshes in all their glory.

At least on avatars and avatar attachments. Buildings and furniture is a completely different story!

Why? Because Linden Lab, as usual, has shot their own foot. Their formula for “prim equivalents” — how many prims an uploaded mesh will  use on a parcel — is so weird and complex that the results are an absolute mess.

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