Technical support from Dovogame rocks :)

Ok, ok, I know. This is not Second Life-related. It’s not even WordPress-related (my second love 😉 — aye, pun intended!). But when some company provides extraordinary tech support beyond what I’m expecting from them, they deserve what little acknowledgement I should give them. Three years ago, I did a comparison of tech support provided by Dreamhost, compared with Linden Lab, so there is a precedent in my blog for praising companies 🙂 Note that Dreamhost’s tech support is still outstanding. The last time I talked to them was about a log file which I suspected to be too big and possibly having performance issues (I always have that problem on servers I administer); they replied not only telling me that due to the way they deal with super-big files this would have little impact, but they added a full report on dozens of performance issues with my own blog — I was quite embarassed and not even thanked them back! This was the kind of report that you get from professional SEO and web marketing gurus and pay a hefty amount of good ole US dollars for them; Dreamhost provided that for free — as part of their tech support. Cool guys, indeed.

Today, however, I’m moving to more futile endeavours. While I prepare myself psychologically to show up at SL Lag Fest — I mean SL8B — I wondered how to restore my lost account at Business Tycoon Online. First, since very likely you have never heard of that game in your life — after all, it does have less than a million active users (wait! That’s what SL has!…), so perhaps a little description of what the game entails should help to explain why I was so happy with their tech support.

When I was way younger and still loved to waste a bit of my time playing some strategy games instead of watching TV, I used to like the “tycoon series” — Railroad Tycoon being my favourite one, specially the early versions, which were very clunky with a graphically unappealing interface. Somehow, the idea of connecting cities with railroads and devising clever ways of shifting products from factories to consumers appealed to me; I cannot explain why.

I saw an ad for Business Tycoon Online (BTO) on Facebook, while I still had an account, and thought I’d give it a try. BTO is not “fully” integrated with Facebook — it’s sort of a stand-alone website which allows logins from Facebook, Twitter, and other account types (or you can just use an email). By that time, I was already playing some 7 or 8 Facebook games, so, well, I thought I could afford another one.

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