New model for software development for Second Life?

But there is a catch here.

When none of the current LL Viewers — released, in Beta, in development, in Preview, or whatever LL calls their “channels” these days — have the crash-on-login bug fixed for me (I realise millions have no problems), until by chance some LL developer takes a moment to look at the logs and go “oops, this was fixed shortly after 3.0.0, why didn’t it make it to 3.0.3 even though the logs say otherwise?” This can take weeks, but usually takes years, until eventually the feature which has the bug is completely designed from scratch and thus the bug itself becomes obsolete…

So I had no choice but to try out a different viewer, and I’ve opted for the third-party viewer Firestorm, which had just released their first mesh beta. No, this is not how Firestorm is the best thing since sliced bread and how I’ve hopelessly fallen in love with it and want to have babies from the head developer 🙂 You can read that kind of story elsewhere 🙂 I still have my misgivings about the team behind Phoenix/Firestorm — people’s memories are fickle and fade quickly, but I still remember what former members of the development team have managed to do with previous incarnations of their viewer code. We’ve been given guarantees that the current team is honest (they even include some ex-Linden developers!), I know a few of them personally (or was it just one who left…? See, my memory is fickle and fades too!), and, in general, no drama has been vented by them. Considering that the computer where I use Firestorm is pretty much empty of any valuable document, and that Macs are harder to infect with Trojans anyway (or at least a bit easier to detect), I gave it a try.

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