Second Life Client Becomes Open Source

This will deserve a much larger article than I have time to write now, but — it’s true. The long-awaited, long-expected, long-postponed Open Source version of Second Life is now out — and probably with way more than we thought.

It is not only the protocol. It’s not only “a” version of the client for us to use. No, it’s the full source code. Just take a look here:

Why release it now? Well, we know they have been developing the code in order to safely distribute it for over a year and a half. But I believe there is another “grand marketing” reason behind it as well, beyond what is said at the Beyond the Inevitable by Phoenix Linden at the Official Linden Lab blog. Many think that this year of 2007 might be the “bust or bloom” year for Second Life and the concept of a Metaverse that might slowly co-exist with the Web 2.0, to full “absorb” it in a decade or not. There are probably new players in the market, lurking at the corners. OpenCroquet leads the way for the “tinkerers”, since it’s a fully open-sourced, academic-sponsored platform. And Linden Lab has to play its cards well.

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