Working for free for Linden Lab’s blog

Why? It’s mostly an emotional issue. I like ego-boosting. I like fame and glory. I know I’m easily corrupted 🙂 But I also think that there is intrinsic value in being published in a high-ranking, high-traffic website. I accept the argument that all those algorithms are flawed. I also accept that these algorithms value quantity and not quality. I also accept that argument that LL has more than enough money to hire a professional team of bloggers (they did, after all, hire Hamlet Au for so many years!) and could have addressed this communication issue in a completely different way. I certainly agree that sending guest bloggers a token of LL’s appreciation — say, L$3000-5000 for each published article — wouldn’t hurt, either, and would be a much fairer way of handling the SL blogger community and actually considering their work of some value. I accept that LL is being cynical — on one hand, recognising that they do a bad communication job, and that SL bloggers do a far better job; on the other, being unwilling to pay for what they recognise to be work with a superior quality! I accept all that and much more, and I’m quite willing to understand that all those arguments are solid, factual, rational, and even morally more correct, while my own arguments are just a crude and misguided attempt of naively trying to justify why, at the end of the day, I don’t really feel “cheated” by Linden Lab if they ever wish to consider publishing one of my articles on their blog 🙂

So, aye, I did submit an article for publication. Sue me 🙂

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