Second Life: Towards Consolidation and Cloud Computing

A recent discussion on an article on PandoDaily explaining that Second Life “did not fail” provided many insightful comments on the current level of expectations by some of SL’s residents.

One of them has been on the SLogosphere for quite a while — a recurring meme, being repeated by all doomsayers, since it became quite clear that nobody can deny any longer that the Second Life Grid landmass is shrinking. And that means less income for Linden Lab. For a while, they will remain profitable, but there will be a tipping point. Perhaps well before that there might be a generalised panic; think of the following question: “When will Second Life become so small that you will make the decision to pack and go?”

It’s a worthwhile question to ask. Since I was used to a Second Life with less than a thousand regions and perhaps 5,000 residents, the “size” doesn’t matter so much for me. But different people have completely different expectations. So it’s reasonable to ask this question.

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