The SL5B Drama: Crowdsourcing Fiasco Or Devious Plan?

On the third anniversary, we basically had the same old story repeating. Things went rather well until at the last possible moment all hell broke through. Volunteers became immensely disappointed and vowed never to help out LL again. And the same, of course, happened last year. All those volunteers who spent weeks after weeksorganising, planning, and networking with other residents were completely burned out, stigmatised by both LL and their fellow residents, and had to suffer the humiliation of having LL, at the last possible moment, push them out and take over. That’s quite a way to make people happy. As usual — LL is very consistent sometimes! — they hurt most the ones that are working harder (for free!) to promote their world, when LL disagrees in the way it gets promoted. | ← Previous | | | Next → |

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