Server moving woes, but for a good cause

Demolishing My Home (NOT!!)
I can’t even take snapshots anymore. Or maybe my world is still too primmy — I mean, it still looks like 2006, doesn’t it? ?

So I’m slowly  — very slowly! — trying to catch up with things. Bear with me for a while longer. I cannot promise to go back to the routine of ‘several blog posts per day’ (like I did in, uh, was it 2005?…) not even ‘once a week’. It takes time to ‘come back’. Little baby steps, as I tend to playfully tell my psychologist. Things are getting better, that’s definitely true, and I can clearly see my way out of this stupid depression… which is encouraging, of course… but I’m not there yet. Not yet. But almost.

I feel well enough, however, to slowly tackle some tasks, that would be utterly impossible even to dream about two years ago — or even a year ago. And one of those things was to try to figure out if I could even continue doing things in my line of work at all.

The answer was ‘yes’ but it took me two years to arrive at that answer.

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