Going on strike…

Shortly following this post, my blog is joining the 3-day strike as a protest against the lack of clarification on some of the issues regarding the new guidelines on the trademark usage.

Notice that Robin Linden’s Office Hours are going to be later today (11 AM SLT at her place in Ambleside) and she might have some answers from the questions placed last week. Depending on those answers, the strike might go on in full force, and I’ll also announce a small rally at the Governor’s Mansion next Sunday, at Euro-friendly and US-friendly hours.

The new page for the strike will be up in a bit… as soon as I can squeeze out some time of my insane agenda to write it!

[UPDATE: Robin Linden’s Office Hours were sadly postponed; she’s actually given advanced notice]

[UPDATE 2: RL media’s picking up on the strike]

[UPDATE 3: Rheta Shan is keeping track of the list of bloggers on strike]

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  • Greenfire Rossini

    Will miss your writting, Gwyn, but good luck with the strike and I hope it helps

  • Gwyn,
    this move by Linden Lab is not a baseless one. From my understanding it is legit.

  • It is not baseless. It is the way they’ve done it that is problem with this trademarking. Is kick in the face of your own customer and support base (and hell lot of free marketing) way to protect and develop your brand?

  • I guess I’m on stike (though some prolly just think I’m a lazy poster)..

    And I’ll continue my strike.. until.. until.. um, I dunno.


  • Maximilian Proto

    A three day strike of blogs that mostly publish only 1 or 2 article per week anyways? Who came up with that brilliant idea?

  • @10 Max, feel free to strike for 1 or 2 months if you wish 😉

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