Democracy in Action: Protest March “I Want To Vote NOW!”

Protest March "I Want To Vote NOW!"

When Government does some measures that the citizens dislike, and appealing to other branches of Government is faced with indifference, what do citizens do? They protest. First, in public forums. And then they come to the streets.

What could be most important to protest for in a democracy? Well, most people in the West are currently worried about the financial crisis and its effects. But much more serious — as we have seen this Spring — is the right to vote and the right to select a Government elected by the people. Into other words: it’s all about voting and getting elected. When that right was never granted, or once granted is threatened to be removed, then people get angry, and, if they’re pacifists, they just go out on the streets and protest their indignation.

This happens not only in the real world; it also applies to the virtual world as well.

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