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Simple slideshow projector

Another one from my series of LSL training courses. Touches to switch to the next texture; resets if textures are added or removed to the inventory. integer numberTextures = 0; integer currentTexture = 0; default { state_entry() { numberTextures = llGetInventoryNumber(INVENTORY_TEXTURE); } touch_start(integer who) { llSetTexture(llGetInventoryName(INVENTORY_TEXTURE, currentTexture), ALL_SIDES); if (currentTexture […]

LSL Script Scroll Writing Clipart Open Source

Scripts for free?

Scripters (or scriptors) are the Second Life programmers. They usually have some background in Real Life programming and have just discovered the joys and wonders of dealing with an awkward event-driven state machine with inconsistent library functions. If this paragraph sounds like gobbledigook to you, STOP READING! You won’t find […]