Project Sansar is just around the corner, but I doubt that Second Life is going to disappear

As I patiently sit at home while waiting for one of my servers to complete its tribulations (long story!), I was briefly scanning some of the ‘old’ places in the SLogosphere (do people still call it these days?) where I used to hang around for inspiration about what would be the Next Best Thing coming to Second Life and/or OpenSimulator. And, not surprisingly at this time, the issue about Project Sansar (which is actively inviting content developers to participate in a slightly-more-open-almost-beta-phase) robbing Linden Lab of all resources so that Second Life will crumble to dust comes up — like it does every time the Lab announces a further step towards completing Project Sansar and opening it to the public.

Disclaimer: I did apply for becoming an early-adopter tester of Sansar, but LL (as usual!) ignored me 🙂 Oh, how I remember some talks with Lindens iRL about the many times in the past when the Lab choose to ‘ignore’ me…

Anyway, as far as I know, LL simply has no manpower (not even by kickstarting a huge community of generous developers willing to share their work for free) to establish a shiny, new virtual world which has approximately the same amount of content as SL — and that simply will never happen. Rather, what LL is hoping is that top creators in SL, who all work exclusively on meshes and have done so for years now, will simply upload the same content they are selling in SL to the Sansar-created ‘experiences’, or ‘migrate’ their own fully-meshed ‘experiences’ to the new platform. There might be a problem when those platforms require extensive scripting, however; I have no clue how objects in Sansar are scripted (and that was actually the main reason for asking for an ‘invite’), but AFAIK, it will be almost surely be something totally different from Second Life or OpenSimulator. Nalates Urriah claims that

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