Real-time statistics from Second Life

This is a simple experiment which I did while trying to learn how to programme in Google AppScript, which allows data from a Google Sheet to be imported from the ‘outside world’, placed & properly formatted in a spreadsheet, and lastly presented as a nice graph.

Like everything that Google provides for free, it has only minimalist functionality, so don’t expect miracles.

The data feed comes from Linden Lab itself; see their list of available live data feeds for more information. Sadly, it is extremely limited in scope — not like in the Golden Age of Second Life (roughly 2006/7), when Linden Lab was very generous with the statistics it provided. These days you get little more than the current L$ exchange rate, the number of people currently inworld, and the total number of signups — which does not correspond to monthly active users, of course; this is just the number of entries in their database, 98% of which are from users gone long ago, but Linden Lab nevertheless needs to keep their database entries around, just because some of their objects may still be around and owned by someone…

Anyway, enjoy 🙂 Linden Lab refreshes the data around three or four times per hour, and there are sometimes some unavoidable gaps; there are also limits to how often Google allows data to be fetched from external sources. Taking all that into consideration, this is the best I get for free 🙂

For better-looking charts, I would need to get a sophisticated WordPress plugin and learn how to configure it properly…

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